The unexpected struggle between the need for privacy and quest for human interaction. Suddenly, I find myself questioning the jpg just uploaded, the opening line, or the content of my blog… how personal should it be? How personal will I allow it to get? And the relentless, nagging doubt about the very purpose of my, very personal, musings; who cares? Are my views of any importance? I guess time will tell…

But what is time? When St. Augustine was asked that question, he answered – philosophically, of course – “When you don’t ask me about time, I know what it is. But when you ask, I don’t know.”… this is paraphrased, I’m sure, but its wonderful paradox thrills me.

And since we are on the topic of philosophy, allow me to share with you one of the most striking minds I have ever encountered, alas the year he died, and only via video – the great Finnish thinker and anarchist, Jaana Kokko Veikko Levaaho. If I were to chose a world view to suit my soul at this moment in time, it would be his.Image