The metro car was no more crowded than usual. I decided to squeeze myself into the window seat besides a large man, chatting in an oriental language to his friend in the single seat in front of me. I sat straight-backed to take as little space as possible, and leaning my head against my palm, I watched the graffiti-sprayed walls whiz by. The large man and his companion disembarked at the next stop, and a dark-haired young man took the seat next to me. The train pulled away, and suddenly, unexpectedly, I heard the passenger beside me begin to hum. The melody was discreet yet undeniable, and I strained to catch the words that seemed to linger in the background. I pretended that the stranger was serenading me, his gentle musical seduction stretching an invisible gossamer veil between the commuters and us, and I let myself drift… The train came to an abrupt stop, and when I opened my eyes the young man was already by the door. It was my stop as well, and I could just catch a glimpse of him bounding up the stairs…

© aother 2012


Art: Subway

By George Segal