Alicia is an artist. She had just rented a new studio, bright and airy, with an adjacent storage space. Clearing out cardboard boxes and other remnants left by previous renters, she came upon a small, burgundy jewellery box, dented and discarded. On an impulse, rather than tossing it away, she opened it. Inside, on a cotton pad, sat a tiny clown, a gold harlequin no more than an inch long, with moveable limbs and a funny hat. A stamp on the back confirmed its value in carats. Surprised at this unexpected discovery, Alicia placed a note in the stairwell of the building, reading: I found a gold figurine pendant near here. If you lost it, call me! A few days passed by, until one morning, arriving at her atelier, Alicia noticed that someone had added a comment on the edge of the note: If it’s a little clown, it’s all yours (followed by a smiley face). It now sits in the drawer of her long wooden table, hidden inside the little box together with its mystery.

NB: This is a true story.