More than anything else Dot wanted a brother.

“When will I have a brother?” she kept asking.

“I am working all day,” her mother would answer.

“Why can’t you have him on Sunday?” Dot’s logic was beyond dispute.

There was no answer to that question. Mother would dismiss it with a gentle shrug and Dot felt very much alone at that moment.

She was glad to have Shasha there.

That night she held her a little closer, feeling her heart beating against her chest. She pressed her face to the warm fur.

The night enveloped them both and Dot forgot about everything else.

When she opened her eyes, the moon was peering into the room and she felt as if she could touch it.

She picked Shasha up and got out of bed.

The moon spread a shimmering carpet in front of them and she stepped onto it with her little feet, Shasha’s heart beating against hers.

She felt very brave.

(to be continued)