It was no surprise then, when on one of his dream treks On found himself accompanied by a large patch of soft moss, that spread itself at this feet wherever he stepped. Silent, it moved imperceptibly, sometimes almost invisible in the darkness, at others glistening with dew as he walked. Above him, he also noticed a pair of condors that often obliterated the sun with their enormous wings. But his favourite companion was a tawny puma that crept along, and sometimes lay by his side as he rested on the carpet of moss. When awake, On searched in vain for his dream companions. The birds that flew above the valley of Tu never seemed to alight, and wild cats hid in the deep forest. As for the thick moss, On would have to climb craggy rocks to reach it, but afraid of heights, he never ventured far enough. And so he would go to sleep more and more frequently, just to be with his dream friends, slowly loosing interest in the goings on in Tu. Tam held an overwhelming allure, and soon the other inhabitants of Tu forgot about him. Except for Ona, who would sometimes peer into his room, seeking his sleeping form. Often, she looked for him in her dreams, but the Tam of her reveries had no inhabitants, only an endless beach with colourful pebbles like sparkling jewels. She collected them in giant urns she found among the seaweed, and they lined the shore like clay sentinels…

(to be continued)