Can you please find me?
I lost myself
I don’t know when it happened
Nobody told me
I may have been gone for a long time
What was I wearing?
I don’t remember
Was I awake, asleep?
No memory
Where was I when I got lost?
I must have been alone
I am not sure what I look like
The image is now blurry
Can you find me?
I used to laugh
Can you hear me?
My feet walked and walked
Maybe there are traces still?
I had dreams
Maybe yours were the same?
I had love in my heart
Perhaps you can hear it beating somewhere?
Please listen
I lost myself
I don’t know how
Maybe I ran away?
If you see me, let me know
I will recognize your voice
I do remember that I love you.

For David

Andrew Wyeth - Wind from the Sea, 1947

Art: Andrew Wyeth