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No need to die

We are not alive

Dancing blind in the sun

Singing deaf in a celestial choir

We live to die

Die to live

On and on




ouroboros_en_to_pan_marcianus   It had no beginning. There was nothing as I groped. Did I grope? I just breathed. Breathed in for the first time. Again. That was the beginning. Already felt like something solid was there, something I needed to hold on to but still out of reach, Ariadne’s thread. I saw (envisioned) it stretching onward. I did not see the Minotaur but I felt his presence. And then it ended. Before I held it in my hand, no, in my mind, it was already finite. I saw the void. And the distance. But the distance did not matter. And what happened along the way would not matter either. Because ultimately, it would all end.

“Everything you do in life will be insignificant, but it’s very important that you do it.”  – Ghandi 


Ce-matin=St-Jean-de-MathaMy friend wrote this poem. And I felt every word…

for all that was lost,
something else was found … the curiosity,
for no particular reason,
to see what was inside.
sometimes i am released from
everything that was ever bad,
anything left to create a horrible memory.
sometimes it is all gone.
the only thing that i am left with is
the hope of something more –
that one day i’ll look up
and smile about what such a tragedy it was.