His eyes.

She was in a grand hall, teeming with people. So many people, it was hard to see past them. Heads formed a cobbled tapestry, resembling a heavy, angry ocean under a dark sky. The steady murmur of voices was like the hum of an invisible swarm, hovering somewhere outside, seeping in like magma. Stifling, relentless, encroaching. Slowly she made her way through the crowd, jostled left and right, losing her sense of direction with every step. She could not turn back. She could hardly move, finally giving herself up to the pressing current of so many bodies against hers. Then she saw his eyes. Dark, unblinking, looking straight at her. She could not see his face, body, only the dark eyes riveting her to the spot. Fear pushed her on and she struggled against the throng, desperately trying to escape… She knew she couldn’t.