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He rang the bell and waited

No one came to the door

After a short while he knocked gently


He put his ear to the door and listened

He thought he heard breathing

He held his

and listened

Someone was breathing

He could not tell who it was

He held his breath one more time

and listened

Someone was still breathing

He sank to the floor and wept

He had found himself

The door remained closed














Art: Dorothy Grostern, Staircase




I escaped the moment

but it found me

and punished my cowardice by stretching for days

I hid the memory

but it burst free

rewarding my denial with endless company

I stopped breathing

but life kept on for me 

I shut the doors and drew all the blinds

but the truth shone in the dark

that there is no escape …



Art: Dorothy Grostern, The sound of goodbye