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Fragments of the past collect in the corners of my mind

Glistening shards of broken Christmas decorations

fragile and lethal to tiny fingers

Soft and silky carpet of pine needles

in a fragrant forest long ago

Lapping water against a bobbing boat

hot sun spilling reflections like gems

Pages from myriad books

float and settle softly on the floor

A white cat whisker

caught in the weave of a shawl

scratches memories…

I scoop them gently

into a paper boat

and set it free on the wind of time


focus aout05

Art: Benoit Saito





The shadow of a falling leaf

followed me on my walk today

I looked up to see an empty sky

Was it you?


I spoon the memories of my childhood into a bowl, the scent but a fragment of a mosaic, an ever changing kaleidoscope of images, I am here and there all at once, the plums sit in the bowl, meaningless in themselves……


Art: Painting by Dina Podolsky