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in the darkness it shone

white and ghostly

swaying as if suspended on a stalk

its roots deep in the nebula

invisible moorings

sapping light


Art: Odilon Redon, Strange Flower (Little Sister of the Poor), 1880



the sound



continuous grating

against something

soft and pliable

like skin

air stands still

then moves in waves

shadows whisper

and growl

it’s night


the moon




The moonbeam was getting wider and wider and soon it became a sea of light and Dot was not sure if she should stop walking.

Shasha had jumped out of her arms and was slowly disappearing in the distance, leaving behind shiny gold paw-prints.

“Wait!” Dot shouted after her, but she was out of sight by then and Dot had no choice but to follow her trail.

As she skipped along, she forgot to look around her and was surprised to suddenly feel a tap on the shoulder.

At first she didn’t see anything, sensing only a gentle wave of air that seemed to embrace her.

The shimmering light was forming shapes in front of her, and slowly her eyes met other eyes and soon there were smiling faces too.

Children were stepping out of the light, one by one, and holding hands they formed a circle around Dot.

She giggled, spinning and clapping her hands.

The children were dressed in gold and they had transparent skin through which Dot could see clouds.

She looked at her own body and saw that she too was dressed in gold and appeared to be sitting on an invisible cloud.

For the first time, Dot wondered if she might be dreaming.

If I am dreaming, she thought to herself, then I can do anything I want, and just as she thought that, she became the cloud and drifted away.

She floated above the laughing children and the sea of light that was now turning into a real ocean.

“Shasha, where are you?” Dot didn’t want to fly alone anymore.

Soft purring told her everything was all right and Dot opened her eyes. The cat was curled next to her.

The moon was shining into the room, and on the carpet near the window she could see a tiny gold paw-print.

(to be continued)



More than anything else Dot wanted a brother.

“When will I have a brother?” she kept asking.

“I am working all day,” her mother would answer.

“Why can’t you have him on Sunday?” Dot’s logic was beyond dispute.

There was no answer to that question. Mother would dismiss it with a gentle shrug and Dot felt very much alone at that moment.

She was glad to have Shasha there.

That night she held her a little closer, feeling her heart beating against her chest. She pressed her face to the warm fur.

The night enveloped them both and Dot forgot about everything else.

When she opened her eyes, the moon was peering into the room and she felt as if she could touch it.

She picked Shasha up and got out of bed.

The moon spread a shimmering carpet in front of them and she stepped onto it with her little feet, Shasha’s heart beating against hers.

She felt very brave.

(to be continued)