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(…) and it was at that very moment that all the worlds collapsed into one. He was, and then he wasn’t, and the two states existed simultaneously. With here and now no longer valid, he stopped thinking. Forever. He was one.

The end



Art: Alex Grey




I am fishing for help.

I am casting for salvation.

I am crying out for assistance.

I am sinking.

Help me.


Why when you are sinking too.


A word floats in….

It floats in silently…

It touches me…

It touches you…

Can’t you feel it?

It’s love.



And then…

The End.

Love eternal.


…the world wrapped in a gray cloud, bursting with light like a lost god seeking shelter in the dark, groping blindly with a lightening rod…angry, throwing sound bolts into the frenzied air… air and water, water and air, one and not one, an undulating watery net torn by wet buildings… wave after wave, a pattern of sensations… the earth melting, flowing… and then suddenly, light, calm light, wide and soft, soothing the now-tired god, gently pushing his anger beyond sound… he retreats mumbling, wrath turned to forgiveness.


Art: Far Shore

By Daniel Barkley